Our Mission

URBA's mission is to have every customer Enjoy every grain of our rice

from our suppliers and farmers. We are committed to every batch of rice

we source, from the field to the package, we ensure that our consumers

globally have access to the finest rice; with unique taste and texture, high

and constant quality and yield, reliability in supply, and great value. We

also look to create strong partnerships and relationships with customers

and suppliers. We look to give back to the community through job

creation and service


Our Capabilities

As your food distributor and partner with a fourth generation of rice millers, exporters and farmers we provide you with products that adhere to premium quality standards. Our many varieties include conventional and organic milled rice, specialty rice, fragrant rice and parboiled. And we offer our services with the shortest lead time.


Our Services

• Government Contracts

• Supermarket Chains

• Food Services

• Exporting, Importing

• Brokering

• Product Branding

• Packaging-Private Label

• Correctional Facilities

• Rail, DSD, Trucks, Vessel


Our Vision

URBA Inc. is a dynamic food distributor with a vision to become a global

partner & trading corporation with great tasting and nutritious foods that

excite and satisfy consumers all over the world. Develop agricultural and

horticultural processing in countries that have a competitive advantage.


Our Accomplishments

Partnered with the first rice milling plant in Central Florida

Introduced branded new flavors of rice


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